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Energy Efficiency Programs Summary

At Idaho Power, we actively seek cost-effective ways to encourage wise and efficient use of electricity. Idaho Power has programs for all customers.


A/C Cool Credit
Receive a $5 monthly credit for allowing Idaho Power to cycle your home's central air conditioning system during some June, July and August weekday afternoons. This reduces system demand during periods of extreme peak electricity use.

Ductless Heat Pump Pilot
If your home uses electric zonal heat, such as baseboards or ceiling cable, consider installing a ductless heat pump. Eligible homeowners receive an incentive for qualified ductless heat pumps installed by a participating contractor.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Take advantage of reduced pricing at area retailers when you purchase ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs.

Energy House Calls
If you live in a manufactured home heated by an electric furnace or heat pump, you may be able to reduce your energy use and lower your monthly bill with this free package of services, which includes duct sealing and CFL installation.

Builders can receive an incentive for each all-electric home built to meet Northwest ENERGY STAR standards. Northwest ENERGY STAR homes are at least 15 percent more efficient than homes built to Idaho energy code.

Heating and Cooling Efficiency Program
Receive an incentive for the purchase of qualified heat pumps installed by participating companies. Also available for qualified evaporative coolers.

Home Energy Audit
Receive a professional in-home energy audit, recommendations for increasing energy savings and a variety of energy efficiency improvements, such as CFLs, for just $99. For all-electric homes only.

Home Improvement Program
Earn incentives for home improvements such as insulation and windows. Qualifying measures may vary from home to home.

Rebate Advantage
Earn cash back when you purchase a new electrically heated ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured home.

See ya later, refrigerator®
With See ya later, refrigerator®, Idaho Power’s program partner, JACO Environmental, will pick up the unit for free from your home.

Weatherization Assistance for Qualified Customers
If you have an electrically heated home, you may qualify for free energy efficiency improvements that increase comfort and help reduce energy use. Call your local community action partnership (CAP) agency to see if you are income-qualified.

Weatherization Solutions for Eligible Customers
If you have an electrically heated home and do not qualify for Weatherization Assistance, you may still be eligible for free energy efficiency improvements that increase comfort and help reduce energy use.

Agricultural Irrigation

Irrigation Efficiency Rewards
An incentive of up to 75 percent is available for irrigation customers who improve the energy efficiency of an existing pump system, or they may receive up to 10 percent when installing an efficient new pump system. Incentives also are available for repair and replacement of worn irrigation components.

Irrigation Peak Rewards
This demand response program is for specific irrigation customers who allow Idaho Power to use control devices to turn off their pumps for a few hours on select summer days, reducing the load during periods of extreme peak electricity use.

Commercial / Industrial

Building Efficiency (commercial construction)
Earn incentives to assist offsetting capital expenses for more efficient lighting designs, cooling systems, controls and building shells in commercial or industrial new construction, expansion or major remodeling projects.

Custom Efficiency (complex projects)
Financial incentives for large commercial and industrial customers who undertake projects to improve the efficiency of their electrical systems or process. Incentives of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour up to 70 percent of the project cost may be available.

Easy Upgrades (simple retrofits)
Incentives for energy saving retrofits to existing commercial or industrial buildings. The menu of eligible retrofits with prescribed savings and incentives includes improvements such as new lighting, HVAC equipment and controls.

Flex Peak Program (demand response)
Recurring payments for voluntarily reducing a set amount of electricity consumption in response to Idaho Power's peak demand and other electrical system needs.

Renewable Energy Programs

Green Power Program
A voluntary program for customers who wish to support certified green energy from renewable resources, such as wind and solar.

Net Metering
Provides customers the opportunity to operate their own small-scale renewable power generators to offset all or part of their electricity usage. Allows for sale of excess generation back to Idaho Power.

Energy Efficiency Education Programs

Residential Education Initiative
Homeowners can find valuable information to help reduce energy use and save money via Idaho Power's website, by attending presentations or by visiting with Idaho Power employees at local events.

Kill A Watt™ Meters
Borrow an easy-to-use meter from your local library and measure how much electricity your appliances and electronics are using.

Commercial Education Initiative
Commercial customers, field personnel and trade allies may request education to increase understanding and awareness of energy efficient, conservation-oriented strategies for business and industry.


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