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Irrigation Peak Rewards Program

The Peak Rewards Program provides a financial incentive for allowing Idaho Power to remotely turn off specific irrigation pumps a minimum of three times during the program season. Agricultural irrigation customers that have existing load control devices installed on their equipment and existing Manual Dispatch Option participants are eligible to participate. Read more about it in the program's contract agreement .

Note: Program eligibility requirements and terms and conditions apply.

Interruption Option (on demand Load Control Events)

  • Program season will run from June 15 to August 15
  • Load control events can occur Monday through Saturday (excluding July 4) between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Load control events can occur up to four hours-per-day, up to 15 hours-per-week but no more than 60 hours-per-season.
  • During the program season, Idaho Power will conduct a minimum of three Load Control Events.A communication device installed on the customer's electrical panel allows Idaho Power to remotely turn off pumps.
  • Customers may opt out of Load Control Events with a reduced incentive.
  • The Manual Dispatch Option is available to metered service points of 1000 cumulative HP, service points with limited communication technology or service points with configuration constraints.

Trained Experts

Idaho Power agriculture representatives are available to answer your questions and provide information for this summer’s program.


Review Idaho Power’s Schedule 23 Irrigation Peak Rewards Program , filed and approved by both the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

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