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Energy Efficiency For Your Business

At Idaho Power, we work hard to bring you low-cost, reliable energy sources while balancing present and future energy needs. By enrolling in one of our energy efficiency programs or using one of the services below, you can save on your monthly bill, reduce energy consumption and defer the need to build new resources.

Our commercial and industrial customers have the potential to achieve significant savings through efficient energy use. Use the following links to learn more about our energy saving programs and techniques to create an energy solution that is right for your business.

Note: Program continuation, eligibility requirements and terms and conditions apply.


Business Program Information

Business Program Comparison

A simple way to help determine which program is best for your business needs.

Easy Upgrades for Simple Retrofits

Offers incentives for energy-saving retrofits within existing commercial and industrial buildings.

Building Efficiency for
Commercial Construction

Earn incentives to assist offsetting capital expenses for more efficient lighting designs, cooling systems, controls and building shells in commercial or industrial new construction, expansion or major remodeling projects.

Custom Efficiency for Complex Projects

Financial incentives for large commercial and industrial energy users who undertake complex projects to improve the efficiency of their electrical systems or process.

Flex Peak Program

Eligible customers can receive an incentive for being available to reduce a set amount of electrical load in response to Idaho Power peak demand and other system needs.

Customer Representatives

Find your Customer Representative, Idaho Power's energy experts.

Renewable Energy

Information on supporting renewable energy through our Green Power Program or installing on-site renewable generation at your business using the Net Metering Tariff.

Commercial and Industrial
Success Stories

Learn how our commercial and industrial customers have reduced their energy bills and increased operational efficiencies.

Business Tips Information

Energy Consultation

Find out how to have an energy consultation performed at your company site.

Federal & State Incentives

Federal Tax Credits For Energy Efficiency
Guide To Federal and Other Efficiency Incentives
State Tax Deductions and Incentives

Business Specific Energy Saving Tips

Get energy efficiency tips specific to hotels, health care facilities, restaurants and grocery stores.


Business Tools

ENERGYsmart Library

Read up on energy basics and efficiency innovations affecting your business.


Complete a Business Energy Analysis and let ENERGY Tools help you manage your usage, lower your bills and more. Requires log in to myAccount.

Benefits of Using myAccount

View energy usage data to understand and compare when and how your business uses energy. myAccount will help you make wise, energy efficient choices.

Energy Efficiency Program Reports

See information about our Demand-Side Management goals, achievements and Advisory Group.

Energy Efficiency Links

Useful Web sites for energy efficiency and other environmental information.


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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Learn how businesses are incorporating energy efficiency.


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