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Solar 4R Schools

Idaho Power is proud to partner with its Green Power Program participants and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to bring Solar 4R Schools to k-12 schools located in Idaho Power's service area.

Idaho Power's Solar 4R Schools program is designed to educate students about renewable energy by placing solar installations on school property.

Energy generated by these small-scale solar-electric systems helps the participating schools offset a portion of their electricity bills.

Each installation also includes a data monitoring system and curriculum package designed to educate students about solar energy.

Schools in Idaho Power's service area may apply for a Solar 4R Schools installation. To apply, schools submit an application that outlines:

  • Their interest in renewable energy
  • How they plan to use the system and data in the classroom
  • How it supports other activities in their school such as energy efficiency or environmental education.
Solar Panels

Grants are awarded twice a year with applications due October 1 and April 1. Idaho Power hopes to award between two and four projects per year. Apply here.

For information on how to apply, call 208-388-5948.

Click the name of any of the following schools for school and system information:

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