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Environmental Stewardship

Our obligation to serve includes a commitment to safeguarding employees and customers as well as the lands and waterways visitors enjoy. As employees of Idaho Power, we embrace this responsibility and are proud of our record of conscientious stewardship.

Responsibility To The Environment

Meeting the energy demands of our communities requires the construction, operation and maintenance of electrical power facilities inevitably impacting our natural environment.

As a company, we conduct our business mindful of our environmental responsibility. While in part it is a matter of law, our dedication to the environment is reflected in our corporate values of integrity, safety and respect. We conduct our business attentive to the larger world around us and the needs of the communities we serve.

To this end, we promote energy efficiency and encourage our customers to make wise and efficient use of all resources, including electricity.

Sound environmental policy and sound business practice go hand in hand. We pursue both objectives for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees, the communities we serve and our precious natural resources.

Learn more about Our Environment and our natural resource programs. View information about electric vehicles.

Climate Change

Climate change is a significant policy issue that will have major implications for Idaho Power and may transform the energy industry.

Policy and societal decisions made about climate change policy will significantly affect our customers and the future prices they pay for energy.

Idaho Power's nearly 100-year history is based on using clean, renewable generation resources like our hydroelectric plants that have little if any greenhouse gas emissions.

Although our generation portfolio does include fossil fuel generation, our carbon emissions are some of the lowest in the utility industry.

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