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Our Plan

Idaho Power planning engineers anticipate an annual average growth rate of approximately two to three percent throughout the company’s service area.

They look at high growth areas and at the system’s overall performance to target the most effective location for new facility additions to meet growth requirements.

When siting new facilities, we consider where the population base and electrical demand are. That drives where the power lines and substations must be located. Based on those projections, Idaho Power, together with local jurisdictions and customers, devises a construction strategy to stay ahead of the growth curve.

We invest tens of millions of dollars annually in distribution, transmission and substation projects.

Necessary public involvement and permitting processes take place as the need for particular projects grows near.


Grid expansion often follows transportation corridors and, where possible, we try to locate in areas that minimize the impact on residential and prime agricultural areas.

In siting new facilities, we also consider the following:

  • Demand
  • Access to electric transmission and distribution lines
  • Public concern
  • Site preparation
  • Transportation access
  • Cost
  • Zoning
  • Security
  • Environmental impact
  • System reliability
  • Voltage regulation

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