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Treasure Valley Electrical Plan

A community advisory committee (CAC) worked with Idaho Power from August 2005 through October 2006 to create a long term plan to address the Treasure Valley’s high voltage transmission and substation needs.

The CAC met monthly with Idaho Power and learned about electrical systems, power supply, transmission and more. By 2012 Idaho Power will need to add new electrical facilities specifically to meet Treasure Valley growth. Options and ideas the CAC considered included:

  • Generation located in the valley
  • New high voltage transmission lines to the valley, and
  • Managing or reducing the demand for electricity.

Idaho Power engaged many stakeholders and representatives for this community advisory process. CAC members included:

  • Regional transportation and growth planners
  • Various city and county planners and mayors
  • Representatives from city councils and county commissions
  • Advocacy and special interest groups
  • Treasure Valley business leaders
  • Residents

The following links and documents are provided for your information. Please note that the presentation materials below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Idaho Power, but are presented here as a part of the public process.

Treasure Valley Electric Plan

For more information about the Treasure Valley Electrical Plan, e-mail Kent McCarthy.

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