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Electricity Delivered to Customers in 2010

Idaho Power plans to sell its near-term Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), including all 2010 RECs, and return the customers' share of the proceeds through the annual Power Cost Adjustment, or PCA. The PCA reflects changes in the company's costs of producing and buying power. Each spring we file this cost adjustment information with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and it is implemented on June 1 through a change in customers' rates, up or down.

The table below identifies the sources of the electricity Idaho Power delivered to customers in 2010. Retail customers are customers we deliver electricity to within our service area in Idaho and Oregon. Because Idaho Power sells electricity to other utilities, as well as to retail customers, not all electricity purchased or generated by Idaho Power is delivered to our retail customers.

The table below also assumes all 2010 RECs will be sold. Along with the sale of the RECs, we also sell our rights to claim the energy from the REC-generating resources being delivered to customers.

If during a given year we acquire energy and RECs from a project and we sell those RECs (which will help to keep customers' rates low), our representation of Electricity Delivered to Customers in that year will list the energy produced by that project as purchased power.

Should any of the 2010 RECs be retained and retired, the actual amount of renewable energy delivered to customers will be slightly higher than what is presented in the table below.

Electricity Idaho Power Delivered To Customers In 2010

Resource by Type Percent  
Hydroelectric 43  
Coal 41  
Natural Gas & Diesel 1  
Purchased Power 15  
Wind 0  
Geothermal 0  
Total 100  


Note: Idaho Power's Green Power Program allows customers to voluntarily support the growth and development of renewable resources. In 2010, program participants purchased more than 23 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power for the region's power grid. The Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and environmental attributes associated with this power have been retained and retired on behalf of and for the sole use of the Green Power Program participants. These voluntary green power purchases by Idaho Power's Green Power Program participants are not reflected in the above table. Learn more about our Green Power Program.

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