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Green Choices

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Idaho Power has always used clean energy to power our customers' lives. Our biggest source of electricity comes from clean hydro power.

Interested in doing more for the environment? Here are additional clean, green options. Choose the ones best for you, your home and your lifestyle.

Green Power

Clean. Simple. Voluntary. For a penny a kilowatt hour (kWh), it's easy to bring renewable energy home. No contracts are needed; you may cancel at any time.

Solar Power Options

Find helpful information about solar power generation.

Community Solar

Community Solar works much like a traditional community garden. Customers in Idaho can buy subscriptions to fund a solar array (a group of solar panels) in southeast Boise. In return, you get a share of the renewable solar energy generated by the array and a monthly bill credit for 25 years. Bill credits average a few dollars per month per subscription and are based on the energy created through the solar panels.

Net Metering

If you are installing small-scale, renewable energy such as rooftop solar, you can connect to Idaho Power's grid to offset your electricity use.

Electric Vehicles (EV)

It's easier than ever to own and drive an EV. Most EVs have all the comforts and performance of gasoline-powered cars, a driving range that meets daily needs, reasonable charging times and the added convenience of charging at home or at public stations.

Save Energy & Money

Save money with energy efficiency. We give tips and incentives for products, services and upgrades that help you use energy wisely and avoid waste. Check out these programs to see which one is right for you.

Shade Trees

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, well-placed shade trees can reduce energy used for summer cooling by 15 percent or more by blocking the sun's rays. Shade trees also improve air and water quality and increase property values. Check out our seasonal, limited program.

Solar 4R Schools

Funded by the Green Power Program, solar installations are placed at schools to educate students about renewable energy.

Paperless Billing

Save time. Get rid of clutter. Go easy on the trees. It's safe. It's fast. It's easy. Sign up now for paperless billing.

Estimates provided by Google's Project Sunroof are based on current rates. Future changes in rates will impact the estimated net savings and payback.
Google's Project Sunroof solar calculator

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