Keep Safe Driving Top of Mind During this Dangerous Time of Year

Idaho Power — a longtime advocate for safe driving — has a firm policy requiring their employees, who travel thousands of miles every year, to drive attentively and put down their phones.

The power company urges all drivers to join them in their mission to be engaged drivers, which is especially critical right now, during the middle of the 100 deadliest days of driving in Idaho — the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Idaho Power offers these reminders to help everyone stay safe:

  • Make it a habit to shift your attention to the task at hand — engaged driving — as soon as you get in the car.
  • Limit distractions, including from phones. Consider putting your phone in a bag or purse in the backseat where it’s not an easy distraction.
  • Look before you lock — check hot cars for kids or pets before exiting.
  • Have regular maintenance done on your car, especially since many of us haven’t been driving as much while being confined at home.
  • Ensure your emergency car kit supplies are still good; check out Idaho Power’s Driving Safety webpage for tips on what to include.
  • Help prevent wildfires and power outages by avoiding driving or parking in dry grass where heat or a spark could ignite a fire.
  • Last, spread the word — remind other drivers in your house to help keep our roads safe so we all have one less thing to worry about.

Stay safe, and just drive!

Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist