Idaho Power Reminds Farmers to Think Electrical Safety

This week is National Agriculture Week, and Idaho Power is reminding customers to think about electrical safety when working in the field. Keep the following tips in mind — not only will they help you stay safe, but they may also prevent costly, time-consuming damage.

  • Safely practice prescribed burning of ditch banks or pastures by staying far from power poles and electrical equipment.
  • If planning any digging, call 811 at least two days in advance to ensure the area is clear of underground utility lines.
  • Be aware of overhead lines when moving tall equipment or clearing debris from irrigation pipes. Use a spotter, and move equipment horizontally.
  • Never stack items, like hay bales, under power lines. All power lines should be considered energized and dangerous.
  • Adjust your irrigation systems to avoid spraying overhead lines.
  • Operate equipment a safe distance from power lines — at least 10 feet for lower voltages.

If you’re unsure of a line’s voltage, or for any other safety assistance around power lines, call Idaho Power at 208-388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151 outside the Treasure Valley.

Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist