Idaho Power Employee, Company Donations Focused on Food Insecurity in 2020

Donations from Idaho Power employees and corporate giving provided support for local foodbanks, Meals on Wheels, senior food pantries and other essential-service programs throughout 2020.

Early in the year, Idaho Power donated $50,000 to the Idaho Foodbank, who has seen need across Idaho increase by 46% since April.

Throughout the year, donations supported approximately 10 senior food pantries throughout southern Idaho and eastern Oregon.

And to close out 2020, employees across the company’s service area donated over $7,000 through an online food drive — enough to provide 35,500 meals to those in need. Employees in western Idaho and eastern Oregon continued their long-standing turkey drive, donating more than 1,000 pounds of turkey to organizations in their area.

“Idaho Power will continue to look for ways to support and strengthen our communities through the pandemic and beyond,” said Business Innovation and Development Manager Megan Ronk. “We know we can come out the other side stronger than before, and our employees are passionate about making that happen.”

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Melissa Thom
Marketing Specialist