Idaho Power Crews Continue Restoration Efforts After Massive Wind Storms

High winds yesterday caused widespread outages across the region. Crews worked through the night, and backups are arriving this morning in the hardest hit areas in eastern Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho Power crews are continuing to work on hundreds of outages across the region, especially in hard-hit eastern Idaho. Crews that worked through the night to get power back on for thousands of customers are being rotated with fresh crews from across southern Idaho to continue restoration efforts for those remaining without power.

“The sustained winds from last night’s storms caused widespread damage from downed trees and poles,” said Dave Spillett, regional customer relations manager in Pocatello. “Some of the outages have been large, impacting lots of customers, but many have been smaller outages affecting just a few customers each, mainly due to trees or other objects in power lines.”

With so many small outages, it’s important for customers to report their outage and not assume they are part of a larger event. Report outages and get updates on current outages by calling 1-800-488-6151.

Many of the outages have been caused by downed lines. Idaho Power reminds everyone to always assume those lines have energy running through them. Never touch them, and never use objects to move or hold up a downed line or any object touching a downed line. Stay back at least 100 feet and immediately call 911 or Idaho Power.

“We know how frustrating it is to be without power, especially for an extended period of time,” said Spillett. “This storm has been challenging due to the sheer number of outages it caused. We are pulling in crews from across Idaho Power’s service area to help get everyone back on as quickly and safely as possible. We’d like to thank our customers for their patience and the great support they have shown our crews.”

For additional outage information — including FAQs, safety reminders and the outage map — visit Due to the volume of outages, estimated restoration times are not currently available for many outages. We are continuing to update this information as quickly as we can.

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