ICYMI: Idaho Power Crews Brave Elements to Keep Communities Safe and Energized

snow patrol snowcatThe past several days have brought fresh snow and ice-cold temperatures to much of Idaho Power’s service area. A new video shows how the company prevents and repairs outages from winter storms.

“It’s tough when you can’t get trucks to the equipment,” said Steve Moser, Area Manager for the Long Valley Operations Center near McCall. “You’re snowshoeing in, you’re climbing a lot. It’s hard on [the linemen] in the wintertime.”

To combat the snow, Idaho Power crews patrol and maintain lines using 17 snowmobiles, eight snow cats and 18 Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) with tracks. Linemen also travel with snowshoes and avalanche survival gear.

This YouTube video showing linemen patrolling near McCall is available for sharing and publication. Additional photos, video footage and interviews with Idaho Power personnel are available upon request.

Jordan Rodriguez
Communications Specialist