It’s Cold Outside! Save Energy and Manage Your Electric Bill

With this week’s return of wintry weather, remember that power bills can increase as people heat their homes and spend more time indoors. For example, Idaho Power customers used about 15 percent more energy on Tuesday (Feb. 20) than on a similar day two weeks earlier when temperatures were milder.

Use these tips to save money on your energy bills this winter:

  • Regularly check and change your furnace filter.
  • Adjust your water heater to 120 degrees, and insulate water heater pipes.
  • Set your thermostat to 68 degrees when you are home.
  • Upgrade to LED lighting.
  • Check window seals and weather stripping for air leaks.
  • Register for My Account to monitor your monthly, daily and hourly energy usage.

For more energy saving tips, watch a YouTube video with Idaho Power Energy Advisor Russ Hahn, download Idaho Power’s free Winter Energy Efficiency Guide or visit our Energy Efficiency page.

Jordan Rodriguez
Communications Specialist