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Wildlife Habitat

A wide variety of wildlife is attracted to the Snake River and the associated reservoirs Idaho Power manages along the river.

These unique habitats provide year-long or seasonal homes to recognized species
such as:

  • Bald and golden eagles
  • Prairie falcons
  • Waterfowl
  • Big game
  • Upland birds

and less common species like:

  • The southern Idaho ground squirrel
  • Townsend big-eared bats
  • Spotted frogs

Idaho Power Habitat Lands

Idaho Power manages more than 30,000 acres of wildlife habitat to compensate for impacts its hydroelectric projects may be having. These habitat lands occur in the Hells Canyon, C.J. Strike and Hagerman areas.

On these lands, company biologists are restoring degraded annual grasslands into native habitat, producing specialty wildlife food plots, enhancing riparian areas by planting trees and shrubs, reducing erosion along shorelines and controlling noxious weeds.

Hunters and other recreationists benefit from the improved habitat, increased diversity of wildlife and striking vistas.

Idaho Power strives to provide a high quality experience to visitors, which sometimes requires limiting the type or timing of access in order to protect sensitive wildlife.

Learn more about these lands including:

Have a question about habitat management? Ask A Scientist!

Youth Hunter Information


A Sea Of Sage Brush

A Sea Of Sage Brush

Follow Idaho Power biologists as they plant native sagebrush, which serves as food and habitat for wildlife, and helps keep weeds in check.


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