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White Sturgeon Conservation Program

White sturgeon are an ancient fish that live near the river bottom. The are the largest freshwater fish in North America and can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds and measure more than 12 feet long.

Over the past century, white sturgeon have been fished too much and their habitat has been reduced. Dams have blocked access to where they lay eggs and trapped them in small populations between dams.

In Idaho, the two largest reproducing populations of white sturgeon are below Bliss and Hells Canyon dams. Only small numbers of fish exist in the other reaches.

To protect white sturgeon, we created a program to monitor their health in the Snake River from Shoshone Falls to the Hells Canyon reach. We also survey sturgeon and track their health. Read our most recent report.

White Sturgeon Conservation Plan

This plan allows us to share information with fish management agencies and cooperatively identify measures to improve or maintain populations of this great fish.

Sturgeon Survey

Search for Sturgeon

Search for Sturgeon

Follow Idaho Power biologists down the Snake River through twisting Hells Canyon as they search for white sturgeon in year one of a three-year study.