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Utility Acronyms

Common company and utility abbreviations and acronyms.

A/C: air conditioning

AMI: automated metering infrastructure

amp: ampere

ac: alternating current

BLM: Bureau of Land Management

Btu: British thermal unit

CAC: community advisory committee

CEO: chief executive officer

CIP: critical infrastructure protection

COO: chief operating officer

CFO: chief financial officer

cm: centimeter

cfs: cubic feet per second

cps: cycles per second

CPU: central processing unit

dc: direct current

DSM: demand-side management

EEI: Edison Electric Institute

EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

GHG: greenhouse gas

GIS: geographic information system

GWh: gigawatt-hour

hp: horsepower

Hz: hertz

IPUC: Idaho Public Utilities Commission

IRP:Integrated Resource Plan

ISO: independent system operator

kaf: thousand acre-feet

kg: kilogram


kJ: kilojoule

km: kilometer

kVA: kilovolt ampere

kV: kilovolt

kW: kilowatt

kWh: kilowatt-hour

maf: million acre-feet

mg: milligram

mL: milliliter

mm: millimeter

mpg: miles per gallon

mph: miles per hour

Mva: megavolt amp

MW: megawatt

MWh: megawatt-hour

NERC: North American Electric Reliability Corporation

NPPC: Northwest Power Planning Council

NOI: notice of intent

ohm: ohm

OPUC: Public Utility Commission of Oregon

PCA: power cost adjustment

PV: solar photovoltaic

SO2: sulpher dioxide

rpm: revolutions per minute

Server: CLA