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Customer Steps To Participate

  1. Select a participating contractor. To be eligible for the incentive, you’ll need to work with a contractor from the participating contractor list.
  2. Fill out a homeowner application form. Your contractor will provide this form. Fill it out, sign it and return it to your contractor.
  3. Qualifying ductless heat pump systems must be split system heat pumps employing inverter-driven outdoor compressor units, and inverter–driven or variable speed indoor blowers. Inverter-driven indoor units are preferred, as they increase the overall system efficiency. In addition, systems must be installed according to industry best practice standards for R410A protocol, flare connections (size and tightening torque), leak checking and vacuum/dehydration. Rigid line set covers must be installed over insulation-wrapped exterior line sets and, at minimum, UV tape wrapping on the portion of the line set that leaves the house and joins the outdoor unit. Units must be installed in the main living area of the home. Indoor units using any type of field-installed duct system are not eligible. Contractors should ensure systems are sized correctly for the application.
  4. Contractor submits paperwork to Idaho Power Company for review and approval.
  5. Idaho Power processes the incentive check and mails it to customer.
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